NZ Medalist of the Year
Sat. 14th April 2018
@ Chilton Saint James School Gymnasium

How it Works

This Event has been designed to cater to our Social and Medallist dancers
and is not open to current Dancesport Registered couples.
However current Dancesport dancers may participate in a partnering role.

Medallists from throughout New Zealand will be assessed by a
board of Fellow Examiners from NZFDT and NZFATD
to find the most technically proficient candidate in each grade, Dance and Age group.

• Dances demonstrated will be chosen from the Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American styles.
The candidate must have achieved a mark of Highly Commended or higher in their last medal test to be eligible.

• Grades are Elementary (all medals below Bronze), Bronze (Bronze and Bronze Bar)
Silver (Silver and Silver Bar) and Gold (Gold and above).

• Youth (Below 16 years) Adult (16 to 44 Years of age) Senior (45 Years and above).

• The highest scored medallist in each dance, age and grade will be awarded a New Zealand National Medallist Title.

• Only the medallist will be assessed. Partners may be Amateur, Professional, Male or Female as they will have no bearing on the result.
(eg: anybody the candidate is happy to be partnered by)

• Candidates may choose to demonstrate any or all of the dances they are eligible for in each grade and style
but may only dance their own Grade and Age Group.

• Although there may be several candidates on the floor at the same time Assessment is solely based on
individual candidates’ technique with no comparison made to any other candidates in the event.